The older you get, the more 'particular' you get. You like things a particular way, you like a particular brand of seasoning salt, you can't stand a particular commercial, and you have a particular type of adult beverage you like to consume (in moderation with a designated driver, of course). This is nothing to apologize though. In fact, your particular desires should be satisfied!

If you thirsting for an Indian Pale Ale, otherwise referred to by its initials: IPA, we have a list for you. Before we take a deep dive into Stackers breakdown of Michigan Made IPAs, here's a brief rundown of what separates IPA from other beers, and the different styles of making these potent brews.

What is a Michigan Made IPA?

Simply put, it's an IPA made in the Mitten State, but there are a lot of different beers brewed here. We are taking a look at heavily hopped brews that, despite the name "Indian Pale Ale", were first made in the British Isles, according to

During the British colonial era, the intense heat and humidity of then-colony India made the brewing of a sustainable beer impractical, particularly one that could withstand the months-long sea voyage from India to Britain, but that didn't mean British sailors didn't still need a drink. Thus—as hops are a preservative—a heavily hopped beer was devised, and now centuries later there exists a mass spectrum of hoppy, deeply profiled, occasionally fruity ales that have a loyal following.

Talk to a Master Brewer, ask them about their favorite hop, and watch their eyes light up like a child on Christmas. IPAs have become quite popular and now, according to Drizly, represent 19% of all beer sales.

IPAs are broken down by the region they originated in. New England style represents the east coast and Imperial (first brewed in California) for the west are often put head to head. Some IPAs are named for their color, such as red, black, white, and brown IPAs.

If you've never had an IPA you are in for a flavorful treat and the Great Lakes State has plenty of excellent options to choose from.  Here are The Top 21 Michigan Made IPAs:

The Top 21 Michigan Made IPA's

Stacker counts down the top IPAs made in the Mitten State! Partnering with BeerAdvocate to compile The Top 21 Michigan Made IPAs



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