I never imagined that a simple question about the "right" time to officially switch from heat to A/C in your home would garner so many responses. Let alone, so many hilariously sarcastic responses.

Just a few days ago, I asked this question in the A Michigan Thing Facebook group. The post reads,

Okay I'm still new-ish to Michigan. When do you "officially" flip your systems from 'heat' to 'AC'? Do you all go by a specific date or just temps because this back and forth with the weather always has me guessing

I'm a budgeted type of woman. I'm also someone who likes to think that she's "tough" when it comes to weather-related things. Wanting to fit in with the rest of Michigan, I was generally curious when other Michiganders officially call it quits on withstanding the heat and turn on the air conditioning. The main thing I learned is I'm definitely not alone with the weather whiplash.

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However, these answers had me cracking up:

That is a personal battle to be waged with Mother Nature. All bets are off in MI!  - Elizabeth D. 

Air: On today, off tomorrow, heat back on next week, then air back on. Oh wait, 2 or 3 days with just open windows makes it quite cozy. Weather is as crazy as most of us Michiganders. - Jeanette O. 

You flip it back & forth as needed. NOTE: Keep a spare thermostat on hand because you are going to wear that s.o.b. out! - Darrell K. 

The law is you have to keep your heat system on until Mother's Day. - William R. 

The "law" has me chuckling. Cheeky answers aside (which I loved), people generally said just switch when you're ready. This, for a lot of people in SW Michigan specifically, was this week (5/9/22) as we saw near-record temperatures.

However, as tough as I may think I am, I don't think I'll ever beat Ken S. who says,

I don't use AC.

You, sir, are braver than I'll ever be.

Whether you're holding out until the dead of summer, have already kicked on your air conditioning, or, like Ken, just somehow managing to live without it, it's good to know that all Michiganders stand in solidarity against the wildly confusing Michigan weather.

The post I made in the above-mentioned A Michigan Thing Facebook group gained over 60 answers. If you'd like to see more responses you can find the post here.

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