On behalf of everyone who wants to say it but, is just too nice...don't worry, I've got this.

Dear Rude Michigan Shopper,

We need to talk about a few things, but first, let's find a better place to have this conversation than THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE!!!!!!!

This leads me to the first bone I have to pick with you Rude Michigan Shopper:

Schedule Your Class Reunion in a School or Rental Hall, Not the Grocery Aisle.

Dear Rude Michigan Shopper: Let's Review Basic Human Behavior

Stop having conversations in the middle of the aisle or areas that people have to get through. I'm ever so happy that you and your third-grade pal have reunited, but please take that reunion somewhere that the rest of us don't have to navigate around. As you can see in the above image, rude shopping and social behavior isn't limited to Michigan as two young ladies stop in the middle of a heavy traffic area to talk and another lady thinks this is a great place for her dog to block the normal flow of humans.

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Standing in the middle of the baking aisle and catching up on the last 30 years is extremely selfish as you are more than likely blocking an item someone needs to get to. JUST MOVE. As Michigan's Rude Shopper, you lack any awareness of the world happening around you or the needs of others that you are selfishly hampering.

Michigan Grocery Cart Leaners Are the Walking Dead of Shoppers

Dear Rude Michigan Shopper: Let's Review Basic Human Behavior

That bar is a handle, not a leaning post. You're meant to push the cart, not slowly fall into it and inch it forward at a pace that would make a snail impatient. PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE HANDLE AND WALK.

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As a Michigan Rude Shopper, you lean against your grocery cart, play on your phone, chat with friends and you do it all without ever taking into consideration how your behavior is affecting EVERYONE around you. Look up, look around, be courteous, and stop thinking the rest of us need to find a route around you, YOU'RE THE ONE IN THE WAY!

Thanks, I feel better now.

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