According to the Lansing State Journal, Michigan residents sent more trash to landfills last year than they did in 2018, once again generating more waste than they did the year before.

More than 55.7 million cubic yards of trash and industrial waste were sent to Michigan landfills in fiscal year 2019. That figure has increased annually since 2014.

Most of last year's total, about 43 million cubic yards, was generated in Michigan. The rest was imported from Canada and 12 other states.

In 2019, each person generated an average of 4.34 cubic yards. The reason could be an uptick in the economy.

The Michigan Recycling Coalition Executive Director said, I really think that it's a good economy so there's more consumption. If people are eating out more, getting more takeout, generally buying and consuming more goods, that probably is what's accounting for the growth.

Granger Waste Management spokesperson Charles Hauser pointed to increasing development as a reason more waste was generated last year.

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