Just like the weather, Michigan's real estate market can change in an instant. The Mitten's current shortage of homes for sale coupled with the demand for new listings is driving sale prices up nearly 30% in some markets.

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The news isn't so bright for other Michigan areas, however, as some have seen a rapid decline in the final sale price. Let's take a closer look at 4 of Michigan's hot real estate markets and 4 that are a little frosty, according to Forbes Advisor.

4 Michigan Real Estate Markets With 20% Growth or More in Asking Price

Michigan's Deerfield Park in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, a red hot real estate market.
Mount Pleasant, Michigan's Deerfield Park / Canva
  1. Central Michigan - Mount Pleasant's Climb to the Top
    1. In August, the Central Michigan region saw a whopping 29.74% increase in the average sale price, which took the median home from $172,665 to an astonishing $224,020.
  2. Manistee County - Riding the Real Estate Wave 
    1. Manistee has experienced a 24.91% jump in sale prices. This county features a lot of waterfront where sellers can ask for a premium.
  3. Grosse Pointe - Pricey but Growing
    1. Grosse Pointe saw a 20.64% increase according to Forbes Advisor. It may be pricey, but this real estate market is far from boring.
  4. Battle Creek - Cereal Home Seller
    1. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but Battle Creek is hustling all day long. Cereal City saw an impressive 20.56% growth in home prices.
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Get a Blanket! These 4 Michigan Real Estate Markets Are Ice Cold

A manhole cover in Detroit, Michigan, where real estate values are dropping.
  1. Huron County - Frigid Lake Breezes Plunge Asking Prices
    1. If you're in Huron County, brace yourself. Prices have chilled an icy -27.91% over the past year.
  2. Detroit - Motor City Needs a Real Estate Tune-Up
    1. Motown housing sale prices took a serious dip, dropping a staggering 15.90% drop. Maybe a Lions Superbowl win would freshen the market.
  3. Emmet County - Chilling Lakeside
    1. Lakeside Emmet County may offer peaceful views, but the home-selling market is wavy. Home sale prices saw a -12.22% decline.
  4. Bay County - Rough Real Estate Waters in the Bay
    1. Bay County homes experienced a -6% dip in sales, which isn't nearly as jaw-dropping as Huron County, but that percentage is felt at Bay County closing tables.

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Will these trends stick? Will it snow in June? What am I getting at? Michigan weather and real estate will remain equally fascinating and frustratingly hard to forecast for the foreseeable future.

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