Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day weekend has evolved, from a spring day reserved to clean and decorate fallen soldiers' graves with flowers and wreaths, to a celebration of the freedoms those sacrifices have allowed us to enjoy.

On Memorial Day Weekend American flags line city streets, trucks are backed into boat launches (which is a spectator sport by the way), kids jump into the water, grills are lit, and coolers are packed. The days are filled with outdoor activities we haven't been able to enjoy in Michigan since...well for what feels like forever (or a Michigan winter, whichever comes first).

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Memorial Day Weekend evenings though? In Michigan, those are reserved for bonfires, long talks that somehow work their way into watching fireflies, lazy laps around the lake on the pontoon, and one of America's biggest tributes, fireworks!

Fireworks have a certain majesty to them that can bring a community together, looking into the dark sky above, waiting for an incredible display of light, sound, and the percussive boom felt with each shell. Throw in the cotton candy, popcorn, hotdogs, and chips sold by vendors at some of these celebrations then you have something for all of your senses!

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Many neighborhoods and lake communities will often have their own fireworks displays that aren't publicized, but everyone in the area or neighborhood association knows when they are. Below are the fireworks displays put on by municipalities and other organizations for Michigan Memorial Day Weekend 2023:

OHHH! AHHHH! Michigan Memorial Day Weekend Fireworks 2023

Michigan communities gather to honor of those who gave it all with these beautiful displays: Michigan's 2023 Memorial Day Weekend Fireworks

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