I know - I've stayed away from watching or listening to a lot of news lately, too. It's been nothing but the same stuff for a long time. But things are getting interesting again. Exhibit A: a man involved in a car crash in Delta Township was found to have a German shepherd puppy in his pants.

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We don't have ALL the details, but according to MLive.com, there was vehicle accident in Delta Township on Tuesday. Arriving at the scene, Eaton County Deputy Davidson found the driver attempting to hide a four week old German shepherd puppy in his pants. After retrieving said puppy, Eaton County's animal control recognized it as one of three recently stolen puppies. (Kudos to them for obviously knowing all the dogs in Eaton County) All three have now been found and returned.

However - to the person involved in this incident, I have some questions:


What size pants do you wear? I don't think I could get a puppy in my pants.

What is the name of the puppy? Did you give him one? He looks like a "Gunner" or "Sarge" to me.

After an automobile accident that required police presence, why was your first thought to hide the puppy in your pants? Did you crash the vehicle just so you could hide the puppy in your pants? This brings up more questions that I'm not comfortable going into right here.

To law enforcement in Eaton County - nicely done.

Here's the story (and yes - a picture of the puppy - that's why you clicked, right?)

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