Michigan gets a lot of credit for being a hardworking, blue-collar state that knows the value of an honest day's work. This reputation has been earned through countless blisters, hours of overtime, and events missed with families. Hard work may not have been invented here, but it moved its headquarters to the Mitten State.

Michigan Inventors Who Go Unrecognized For Their Amazing Innovations

Before we dive into the products, let's see if you know any of the inventors, whose creations are a part of our daily lives:

  1. Donald B. Keck
  2. Edward N. Hines
  3. Dr. John C. Sheehan
  4. William Potts
  5. Dr. Homer Stryker

Had I listed William Edward Boeing, you would have easily guessed Boeing Aircraft, and you would have been right. Boeing was born in Detroit and changed air travel. Had I said Henry Ford you would have guessed the assembly line, you would have been half right. Whereas R.E. Olds of Lansing began using the assembly technique first, Ford was the first to use a MOVING assembly line.

There is no shortage of innovative ideas that have come to fruition in the Mitten State. Gerber Baby Food, breakfast cereal, ginger ale (Vernors), and the 5-day work week.

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But none of the 5 listed above have anything to do with those inventions. Their inventions have revolutionized the way we communicate, the way we drive, and the way we heal. Here's a quick multiple chose quiz to see if you can connect the Michigan inventor with their invention:

Made in Michigan: 5 Inventions Created in the Mitten

Without these 5 inventions, life would be completely different. From how we drive to how we communicate, were it not for these Michigan inventors, our world wouldn't function the same way.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow


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