This year has been full of some of the most bi-polar weather patterns we've ever seen, and that's saying a lot for Michigan. There was early this year during Winter when we had a 70 degree difference in the span of one day, to our Spring which was filled with nothing but rain. There are a ton of AVAILABLE licence plates you could get right now through the Michigan Department of State that would perfectly sum up the feelings we've had about the weather of 2019 so far. Here are some of the ideas:

AC4LIFE- Because when the heat index is at 115 degrees, there is zero point to being outside. Crank that bad boy up
WATRVAC- Oh yea, during that constant deluge that took place this spring, you can bet we had to bust this thing out in honor of our next plate.
FLUDLYFE- Homer Stryker Field can attest to this one.
DRENCHD- After 400 days of straight rain during Spring, this plate makes a lot of sense.
SWEATIN- Then after the rain clears up, it's nothin' but HEAT.
MORRAIN- Oh look, more rain (our Spring).

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