In Arcadia, Michigan there is a golf course, and yes it is a bit exclusive. Recently, they changed the language on their website and no longer encourage golfers to hit balls into Lake Michigan.

The practice started many years ago, on the 12th hole overlooking Lake Michigan. On the golf course website, they made reference to the 12th hole that, again, looks over Lake Michigan. The website used to say "go ahead and do it, everyone does," which was in reference to hitting a ball into the water before hitting their t-shot.

Recently some divers were in the area and found hundreds of golf balls in the water.  Experts say that golf balls are made of plastic and rubber and are not good for the Great Lakes.

This encouragement to hit balls into the water on the 12th hole has since been removed from their website.

If you get a chance to golf Arcadia, remember to watch your balls.

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