If there's one thing I absolutely love, it's a well organized auto show. Speaking of that, the Michigan International Auto Show will take place this week in downtown Grand Rapids.

It all comes together Thursday, Feb. 3 through Sunday, Feb. 6. This incredible auto show will be held at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids and will feature the most beautiful vehicles you have ever laid your eyes on.

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Countless times I've been to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit at Cobo Hall which has always been truly impressive.

According to mlive.com:

The event, which is expected to feature new vehicles from over 20 manufacturers, describes itself as the "greatest annual opportunity for the public to view their next new car."

I really like these events because you can take your sweet time just to look around at all the beautiful vehicles at the auto show.

You can sit inside these cars, trucks, and SUVs just to get a feel of what it would be like to be an owner of one of these beautiful vehicles.

Not only will we see new cars this weekend at the auto show, they also feature really cool classic cars along with specialty cars.

Mlive.com also adds:

That includes a 2020 Ferrari 812 Superfast, a 2017 Porsche 991.2 Turbo and a 2014 Audi R8. A "heavily modified" Chevrolet Silverado, built by Gentex, will also be on display, as will a host of classic cars from the Gilmore Car Museum.

Last year this auto show was canceled due to the pandemic. This year it's game on with the return of the Michigan International Auto Show in downtown Grand Rapids.

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