Grab the kids, load up the car, and pack it with blankets, lawn chairs, a cooler, and some serious snacks because it's time to celebrate America's Independence Day in Michigan! From parades to festivals and, of course, fireworks, Michiganders enjoy the 4th of July with tremendous events, loud and bright displays of freedom, and an abundance of parades. We've compiled a list of 58 festivals and fireworks displays throughout Michigan, so you're bound to find one near you.

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Of course, a 4th of July celebration in Michigan wouldn't be complete without your own stash of fireworks. From kid favorites like sparklers and Pop-Its to adult-sized fun fountains and shells, be sure to check with your local city or township to find out when their use is permitted.

Michigan 4th of July: 58 Firework Displays Around the State

Michigan 4th of July Events: 58 Fireworks Displays and Festivals

If you're heading out of town on vacation, check out the links on each of the event listings below for more information. Be sure to check the time (obviously, the fireworks shows will happen after dusk) and date. Some towns, like Alpena, have been forced to move their annual displays due to scheduling issues.

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Be safe, be kind, be sure to bring bug spray, and have a safe and happy Michigan 4th of July celebration. Here's an alphabetical look at Michigan 4th of July: 58 Firework Displays Around the State.

58 Michigan 4th of July Fireworks Displays: Alphabetical Listing

Grab your sparklers, lawn chairs, blankets, and coolers because it's time to say Happy Independence Day in Michigan. Here are 60 festivals, parades, and fireworks displays, listed alphabetically (be sure to check the date as MANY shows aren't on the 4th) by city for Michigan's 4th of July celebrations.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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