I didn't even know this was a thing. I am familiar with putting a microchip/tracking device in a dog. I did not realize this was an actual thing for Michigan employees too. WTF?

This is such a real deal, that the Michigan House of Representatives just passed a bill yesterday, Wednesday, June 24th, prohibiting employers from requiring workers to accept a mandatory microchip implant. So basically your employer here in Michigan cannot make you get a chip, but you can volunteer for one. Does volunteering come with a cash bonus? Asking for a friend. Not really, I am asking for Chris Monroe.

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According to ABC 12, in some instances microchips are the new name badge and or time clock. Lost your work key fob? No big, scan in with your finger. Forgot a password, log in with your finger. If this really is the future, it seems really effed up to me.

'Are turning to miniature microchips about the size of a rice grain implanted in employees' hands to track productivity so managers can look for ways to boost efficiency.'

I think efficiency is code for spying. If we were chipped here at the radio station, Tony LaBrie and I would be just fine. Chris Monroe not so much - unless our employer counts smoking 143 cigarettes a day as being efficient.

All kidding aside, this is not a super common thing here, but common enough for their to be legislation in Michigan about it. It all sound like a heap of chip to me.

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