I will drink to this, okay who am I kidding - I will drink to anything.

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Michigan lawmakers have passed a bill that will allow bars and restaurants to sell cocktails to go. Along with that bill, another was passed that will allow common areas for drinking alcohol. This is basically a social area you can walk around in while drinking alcoholic beverages.

Now before you pick up your phone to order a batch of margaritas from Tia Helita's - the bill still has to go before Governor Gretchen Whitmer. According to a report on FOX 2, she is expected to pass it. Both bills passed will flying colors in the House and the Senate.

So what do both of these bills exactly mean? As far as alcohol to go sales, everyone must pay applicable taxes and all to containers must be clearly marked. As in 'contains alcohol', or something of that nature. Also, no straw holes allowed. I guess I will just have to lift the lid - just kidding.

As far as the common areas for drinking alcohol go, those are designated by individual cities and towns. These areas will be near a bar and or restaurant. Each sold drink, must have the name of the particular bar or restaurant you purchased it from somewhere on the container.

This leads me to another stipulation. Let's say you purchased a to go drink from the Corner Bar in Fenton, you cannot take that drink into The Meeting Place (also in Fenton) common area. Makes sense. Like I said, nothing is set in stone as of yet - but it sure seems like it will be soon. Cheers!

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