There's nothing like the feeling of getting away for a week or weekend in Michigan. The Mitten offers historical, scenic, relaxing, thrilling, laid-back, and fast-paced destinations to enjoy year-round. Getting there can be a challenge at times but, once you get there you need to resist the urge to jump onto the bed and kick off your shoes.

If you think that it would be odd to clean your hotel room or rental after check-in, some people even go as far as bringing their own linens. These are the folks that more than likely used a blacklight, which will show stains that don't show up in regular light.

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5 Things You Should Clean Yourself Before Relaxing in a Michigan Hotel

Many travel experts recommend checking for bedbugs before you even start to settle in. recommends the following before unpacking anything:

How to check for Bed Bugs:

  • Pull back the duvet or comforter. Inspect the sheet for black and brown staining. They tend to leave their excrement behind. Gross.
  • Pull back the sheet. Remember that bed bugs are extremely SMALL. Check the mattress cover for any visible bugs, black and brown smears.
  •  Pull back the mattress cover and check the mattress. Again you are looking for smears or a black mold type residue.
  • Bed Bugs like to live in cracks and crevices. Pull back folded over mattress edges to check for brown and black spots.
If you find something. Grab your luggage and head to the front desk to report the problem.

Once you've figured out whether or not your room has extra residents, it's time to do a quick once-over that will take less than a few minutes. So grab your disinfecting wipes, hit these 5 spots, and you'll rest easier on your Michigan vacation.

Clean the 5 Most Filthy Things in Your Michigan Hotel or Rental

Should you trust the cleaning services hired by your Airbnb, Verbo, hotel, motel, or private vacation rental? Here are 5 things you should sanitize yourself before checking into your Michigan vacation stop.

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