The community of Newark was created as a postal stop in Newark Township, Gratiot County. The post office was in operation from August 1857 to May 1860. It shut down for a little over three years, re-opening in December 1863, finally closing for good in April 1902.

Newark's post office also contained a store. According to, "The present proprietor of Newark store is S. P. Jones, and he has been on the job since 1903, successor to I. E. Chapman, a well-known citizen, formerly of Seville, who died in Newark in 1903. Mr. Jones carries a good sized stock of general merchandise, and is ably assisted in his work by his energetic wife".

In later years, the store closed down and was briefly turned into a gas station.

On the east side across the street, there was another store and a small house next to it, both now long gone.

The old post office/store/gas station still stands, currently a residence on the corner of W. Buchanan Rd. and Ely Hwy.

'Newark' sits, basically all alone on that corner, with some farmhouses scattered throughout the countryside. It can be called a ghost town, or a town that never got the chance to grow past one or two establishments.

See the photos might want to take a drive over there some afternoon just to appease your curiosity.