Michigan has a long, storied love affair with paying for, receiving, and dining in our cars. From the classic drive-in style complete with roller skate meal delivery to today's world with not 1 but 2 drive-up windows. I hate to do this, but: "Back in My Day", we didn't need 2 drive-thru windows, we had 1 that gave us the wrong order and we were happy with it!

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Drive-thru windows have grown in popularity in recent years, even more so since dining rooms were forced to close in 2020. That's not the only shift in popularity the fast-food industry has seen.

Regional Fast Food Dominates National Ranking for States' Favorite Drive-Thru


Allrecipes.com took a look at Google search data from each state and was able to determine which fast-food drive-thru was their go-to for quick food. Of course, McDonald's shows up, but you'll be shocked at just how infrequently it was named #1.

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Rewind the clock, even just 15 years, and Burger King, Wendy's, and McDonald's would have been the only names mentioned anywhere in the United States. Times change, as servings, and prices.

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Have you tried to feed a family of 4 at any of the traditional joints lately? Gone are the days of getting out of there with a couple of kids' meals, a few drinks, some burgers, and fries for under $20. That's being generous, if you can do it for under $30 good for you!

I mention the shift in pricing because as you scroll through each state's favorite grab-n-go locale, you'll see a pretty massive shift from national chains to more regional restaurants.

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As for Michigan's favorite, this place ALWAYS has your back when it's been a long day and you have ZERO desire to make a meal. The Mitten's favorite not only can feed a family of 4 for $20 but, it was also born right here in the Great Lakes State.

Think You Know Your State's Favorite Fast Food Drive-Thru?

Think you know your state well enough to name its fast food favorite restaurant? A lot has changed over the past few years and, Allrecipes.com took a deep dive into Google searches to determine which drive-thru your state turns to the most

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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