Selling your home isn't fun. From getting it ready to show to keeping it ready to show, offers, counteroffers, going through inspections, following up on what needed to be fixed after the inspection, and then there's the reinspection followed by wacky last-minute demands by the buyer.

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The process from offer to the closing table is a journey even a Hobbit would refuse. It's a lot, but fortunately, if you live in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio, you won't be waiting long to sell your home when compared to the rest of the United States.

Counting Down to the Nations Fastest Selling State for Home Sales

Michigan, Indiana, Ohio: 3 of USA's Fastest Selling Home Markets

New research has delved into our nation's ever-changing and evolving real estate market, to determine in which state homes sell the fastest. The study was conducted by and used the latest data from Zillow to focus on the average time it took for an offer to be accepted and the subsequent closure of sales in each state.

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What's interesting is that the top 10 states on the list are mostly in the Midwest. Chris Heller of, had this to say about the studies findings,

The number of days is due to several reasons, demand to move to these states, a lack of supply for affordable housing, or a combination of both. Furthermore, some states seemingly have a big gap between how long it takes for a sale to be closed and how long it takes for an offer to be accepted, showing that conditions on the side of the estate agent may not be as feasible.

Here's a look at the USA's Fastest-Selling Home Markets.

Fast Housing: Countdown to the USA's Best State for Home Sales, a partner to the real estate community, recently crunched data from Zillow, to determine which states are the fastest and easiest markets to sell a home. (some states were excluded as not enough data was available). Let's countdown to the Nation's Fastest and Easiest State for Home Sales.

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