Michigan's Most Dangerous Vehicle Requires Zero Training

Readily available in most major cities, these vehicles can be rented by anyone who has a credit card. No ID, no training, no helmet requirement, tap your card, no one under 12 on a roadway (but again, no ID so who's checking), and off you go. E-scooters are available throughout the Mitten State, around the country, and across the globe.


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Researchers at the Paris, France University of Sorbonne recently examined data, and the study's lead researcher, Dr. Arthur James came to a startling conclusion:

Injuries due to e-scooters were as severe as those due to bicycle or motorbike crashes. The findings may inform health care professinals of the specificities of major trauma related to e-scooters and inform future e-schooter reulation decisions worldwide.

The study examined data collected from 5,233 (229 e-scooter riders, 4,094 motorcyclists, and 910 bicyclists) patients using data spanning from 2018 to 2022. They found more than 9 percent mortality in e-scooter road crashes compared to a 5 percent rate for motorcycle crashes.

These patients presented with injury profiles as severe as those individuals who esperienced bicycle or motor bike raod traffic crashes, with a high proportion of sever traumatic brain injury


Dr. Arthur James, University of Sorbonne

Of the over 5,000 patients in the study, 37 percent were drunk upon admission and only 22 percent were wearing a helmet.


Michigan's E Scooter Accidents On the Rise

But that's France, which has no correlation to what's happening in Michigan right? Here's a list of e-scooter-related crash stories that happened in Michigan in July of 2023 alone:

  1. Man who suffered severe injuries in e-scooter crash sues Detroit over pothole
  2. Electric scooter crash in Trenton's Elizabeth Park leaves man in serious condition
  3. UM student dies after his scooter crashes with sedan in Ann Arbor
  4. Ludington, MI - Man Dies in Electric Scooter Crash at Harrison St & Bryant Rd
  5. U of M Football team adds of field safety guidelines

Those are just a few of the dozens that are currently under investigation or in litigation.


The bottom line is e-scooters are as, if not more, dangerous than a motorcycle and you have infinitely less training on two wheels than you do on 4. Motorists do not look out for pedestrians, let alone some poor weekend warrior with a desire to make the commute between bars easier. These little injuries waiting to happen are scattered all across Michigan, from Detroit to Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo to East Lansing, and nearly all points in between.

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If you do hop on one of them be careful and look out for everyone else because they won't be looking out for you.

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