So, you'd like to impress your friends and build a 'one-match-fire'? Sure, you could use "boy scout juice", "go-go juice", or "jet fuel"...otherwise known as gasoline, right? Wrong, ERs hate this method and so will you.


What's more impressive than nearly blowing yourself up? Using just one match to light a fire that will last. Plus you'll keep your eyebrows.


How to Check if There's a Burn Ban in Michigan

Before you learn how to build the perfect display of primal knowledge, be sure to make sure whether or not there is a burn ban in your area. The easiest way is to check

Michigan DNR
Michigan DNR

The map above is regularly updated, but in order to cover all your bases, be sure to check with your local municipality to be sure it is safe to burn.

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What Can Be Burned Legally in Michigan?

There are many things you can't burn in Michigan. Remember how some people (not you or anyone you know of course) like to use gas or other chemicals to start a fire? That's illegal according to Michigan's Open Burning Regulations:

Trash that contains plastic, rubber, foam, chemically treated wood, textiles, electronics, chemicals, or hazardous materials must not be burned as emissions release chemicals which pose a danger to human health and the environment

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If you are burning anything outside of a small recreational fire, seek a burn permit and take all the necessary safety precautions.

Michigan Put Down the Gas! The One Match Fire

Learn how to build your next campfire or bonfire safely, from a man in the woods who has a beard and a vest, and by using only one match.

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