Actor and comedian Tim Allen will be back home to preform stand-up in Grand Rapids.  Allen will be preforming at DeVos Preformance Hall in Grand Rapids.

Allen's show is scheduled for mid-July, but tickets for the stand-up event go on sale this Friday December 13th.

Tim Allen grew up in Michigan and graduated from Western Michigan University. It was his stand up comedy act that got his acting career started. That is when Tim the Toolman hit TV screens and fired up his TV and then movie career. Allen found more fame with his Santa Claus movies, and voicing the character of Buzz Lightyear in Disney's Toy Story series.

Currently, Allen stars in the sitcom "Last Man Standing," and the 8th season of that show will premier in January.

This would be an amazing Christmas gift, and he will only be doing one stand-up show in Michigan, at least so far.

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