Get ready to wipe up a mess, because Michiganders have been spilling some tea! It seems as if Michigan is home to a lot of folks who admit to cheating the system in one way or another. It's also been revealed, following's survey of 2,000 Americans, that Michigan is home to the most people who confess to one of the worst forms of cheating in today's society.

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So, what intentional deceptions have your Michigan neighbors owned up to? Let's take a look at the Top 5 Things Michigan Admits They Cheat On.

5. Michigan: The State That Is Least Likely to Cheat on a Diet

Michigan woman trying not to cheat on her diet.
loading... discovered that, even though 59% of Michigan residents own up to cheating on a diet, the Mitten State is least likely to go off plan. So have a veggie pastie and chase it with a Diet Vernor's the next time you feel like straying from your weight loss plan.

4. The Mitten State Needs to Stop Cutting in Line

People in line arguing about someone 'cutting' in line.

No one likes waiting in a line but, the lines we have to wait in have become more rare with the advent of online shopping. Despite fewer opportunities to do so, 43% of Michigan natives admit to cutting in line. Who's in that big of a hurry to get to a self-checkout line?

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Most folks from Michigan will forgive the act of cutting in line, so long as you give an "Ope" when you do it.

3. Did You Scan ALL of Those Groceries Michigan

Woman stealing produce at a grocery store.

This is a tough one because I have zero sympathy for grocery and retail stores that have eliminated cashiers in favor of self-checkout lines. Remember getting to the register and seeing two clerks, one of whom was wearing a 'TRAINEE' name tag? They used to train and pay people to do what they are now asking us to do for free. What's next? Will they make us bring carts in before we can shop?

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Self-checkout lines have increased an already high rate of theft for retailers, they are working on better systems to avoid this. I'd suggest having a person who works for the store scan our items, but that is just crazy talk.

2. Paid to Cheat? Michigan Owns Up to Cheating on Work-Related Tasks

Image showing how some people may cheat facts and fake it at work in Michigan.

Whether you've fudged a number here and there or let someone else take the fall for your dirty deeds, 33% of Michiganders admit they have cheated on something work-related.

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This also includes stealing from your employer, like making copies of things that have nothing to do with your profession.

1. And the USA's #1 State For Cheating on a Partner IS......

Michigan couple with one partner cheating on the other.

...Michigan. When asked by, 43% of Mitten State residents admitted to cheating on a partner. This means that the same amount of people willing to cheat on their diet are willing to step out on their significant other.

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What can we take away from these jaw-dropping statistics? Hopefully, at minimum, Michigan will get rid of those stupid self-checkout lanes. In the meantime, could I just scoot ahead of you in line?

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