A third of Americans and Michiganders work on Thanksgiving. Is it worth it?

If you are a last-minute shopper you're not going to like this but, in my personal opinion, all retail and service employees should be able to spend Thanksgiving with their families. I know this concept frightens businesses and procrastinators alike however, hear me out.

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I've worked on nearly every Holiday imaginable in Michigan and it's miserable. Some companies go to great lengths to be generous and show appreciation to their teams, both financially and with additional perks. However, the majority of employers deem it a mandatory workday. Why? Because we still shop.

The Argument For Giving Everyone in Michigan the Day Off on Thanksgiving


I am willing to plan or suffer the consequences. If it's Thanksgiving and I don't have a turkey, stuffing, or cranberry sauce that's my fault. It would be selfish of me to expect somebody else to be ready for my lack of readiness.

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Certainly, accidents happen. Holiday meals can be burned, consumed by pets, or met with something equally distressing. But think of the stories and the laughs you'll have about it for years to come.

What I mean to say is that expecting others to sacrifice their Thanksgiving so that we can have them on standby is a bit much. I don't want a Hawaiian Roll-less dinner but not enough to take someone away from their family meal.

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Obviously, there are those we need to punch in on any given Holiday (thank you First Responders, innkeepers, gas station attendants, and more), but don't you think we could go just a single day (maybe more) without having every convenience available to us? I for one will be taking my dollars to stores that choose to give their team time away. Besides, imagine what Black Friday will be like if it's actually an event again.

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