Oh, the joys of Michigan summers! Sunshine, beautiful lakes, BBQ wafting through the air, and...mosquitoes. What seems like TENS of THOUSANDS of mosquitoes crash every outdoor gathering for the nicest months of the year. Bugs sprays can be effective, in the Great Lakes State we are constantly on the lookout for other ways to get rid of these tiny bloodsuckers.

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Tiki torches, lawn bug bombs, electric mosquito zappers, we have tried them all. So when I came across the latest mosquito repelling trend on TikTok I was instantly intrigued.

Post after post sang the praises of using bubble machines and their ability to give mosquitoes the boot! Some took the practice to a whole other level:

Do Bubble Machines Really Repel Michigan Mosquitoes?

Does it work? Do soap bubbles repulse mosquitoes? And, if so, why? Is it the scent of Dawn? Do they see weird reflections of themselves in the bubbles when they fly too close? Scientifically, there isn't a valid reason why they would be put off by soap. Mosquitoes are attracted to many floral scents, so the soap isn't keeping them away.


After more digging, I was surprised to learn that mosquitoes and stink bugs share a common trait: they are both TERRIBLE flyers. What does that have to do with bubbles? Again, it's not the bubbles, but if your machine has a strong enough fan on it then mosquitoes can't navigate through the wind according to Michigan State University:

Department of Entomology at Michigan State University experimented with two things that mosquitoes don't like: DEET and wind. In fact, mosquitoes seem to avoid places with wind speeds that approach their own flying speeds (0.4 to 1.6 meters/sec; 0.9 to 3.6 miles/hour)

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By this logic, it would seem that the bubbles are more for appearance, so if all you have is a fan then plug that bad lad in and watch as those tiny little vampires struggle to get to you.

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