When it comes to Michigan basements, they can be your worst nightmare when it comes to water leaks from the foundation of your home and that can be very expensive to fix.

I'm one of those Michigan home owners who have spent thousands of dollars to have experts come to my home and fix it so that not a drop of water leaks into the basement from the walls or any part of the foundation.

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Water has a unique way of finding its way into your basement when you least expect it.

Sometimes when there are heavy rains in the area, that can cause water issues if you don't have a water tight basement.

Another very important reason to keep your Michigan basement nice and dry, mold and dust mites.  These two things can be very serious and can damage your health.

About 15 years ago, one of our bedrooms in the basement was leaking very badly.  The water was coming in from two walls and causing water damage in the bedroom.

I immediately called Ayers Basement Systems to help me out with a working solution and they did just that.  They were very professional and took care of our home's problem.  The bedroom and the basement are nice and dry and we're hoping it stays that way.

Now when it comes to leaky basement faucets or a leaking water heater like I had to deal with about a month ago, the best thing you can do is replace your water heater immediately or you could end up with gallons of water all over the basement floor.

It's not easy keeping Michigan basements dry when there are issues causing it to either flood or perhaps a water pipe explodes or even the sump pump stops working.  All I can tell you is don't let your guard down for a single second.

Keep an eye on your basement and making sure things are functioning the way they should be.  If you would like some advice on waterproofing your basement, check out drymich.com.

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