A 10 year old 6th grader from Ann Arbor is living the dream,  he is on the Food Networks 'Kids Baking Championship'.

Nemo Tsai can be seen on the baking challenge tonight at 9pm, a second episode of the challenge is on at 10pm tonight as well.  If Nemo can continue to impress the shows judges, he could be on until the shows finale on February 15th.  The winner of the 'Kids Baking Championship' get's to take home $25 thousand dollars

Nemo Tsai is from Ann Arbor and has been working in his families Japanese restaurant and Asian Market as long as he can remember.  This is where he developed his love of baking.  The 6th grader says his favorite thing to bake is cake, and likes to slip bacon into his baking whenever he can.  His signature bake is a buttermilk candy bacon cake, his next favorite is a chocolate cake that he adds caramel to the middle.

The kid is not only a prodigy at baking, but Tsai is a competitive golfer, he is ranked as one of the top golfers in his age group in the world.  The Ann Arbor 10 year old has finished near the top of many tournaments he has played in over the last few years.  No wonder he says golf is his favorite sport,  Nemo  wants to be a pro golfer when he grows up and he hopes to inspire other people to dream big.

Tsai plans to continue working at his family restaurant and hopes to take his golf game to the next level.  His day consists of school, and after school he goes to golf practice and from practice he goes to the family restaurant and helps his family bake.

Catch Tsai tonight on the Food Networks 'Kids Baking Championship' tonight at 9pm.

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