Every year during back to school season Meijer offers discounts to teachers, but since this year isn't like every other one, they've decided to extend the offer for the entire school year.

Meijer said they hope this will help alleviate stress for teachers,

There are so many uncertainties as teachers head back to classes and we've heard the plans may change throughout the year, so our goal is to help them shop with confidence whenever they need to refill supplies.

According to the Center of Education Statistics, Schools and Staffing Survey, 94% of public school teachers buy school supplies out-of-pocket without getting reimbursed. Meijer also conducted a survey and found that 80% of parents and teachers expect "the new normal" to a mix between in-person and virtual learning. All of that combined with an ongoing pandemic, Meijer felt it was only right to make the offer last for the entire school year.

Items that apply to the teacher's discount include standard school supplies such as notebooks, pens & pencils, art supplies, backpacks and lunch boxes. Also, hand sanitizer and masks will be included in the discount. On top of the 15% discount, teachers can also take advantage of over 400 back-to-school savings through mPerks.

Find all of Meijer's back-to-school essentials here.

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