It’s one of the most historic towns in the Michigan Mitten; it’s Marshall, in Calhoun County. The county was set up in 1829, Marshall was founded in 1830, and in 1831 the town was made the county seat. That’s what I call fast work.

The founding brothers, Sidney and George Ketchum, founded Marshall as a place that would be full of prominent people: businessmen, doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc.

Named after Chief Justice John Marshall (1801-1835), the town was a major stagecoach stop on the lower Michigan stagecoach trail.

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A school system that became the model for the rest of the country was created here in 1835 by Isaac Crary and Rev. John Pierce, two Marshall residents. Things were going so well in Marshall, it was widely believed that it would be made the capital of Michigan... but it gave way to Lansing in 1847.

Marshall is also known for a good number of hauntings. Most notably is the National House Inn...many people have experienced some unexplainable occurrences while staying overnight. The inn was built in 1835 as the Mann Hotel, a stop for weary stagecoach also became a stop on the Underground Railroad, thanks to a hidden room that was installed in the basement.

After renovations were made in 1976, ghostly activities were reported from employees and guests, including that of a ghostly woman in red floating through the halls. Currently, The National House Inn is a Bed & Breakfast with 16 rooms available.

Another famous place in Marshall is Schuler's Restaurant, around since 1920. Its popularity spilled over into the celebrity category, as many of Michigan’s Big Ten sports coaches frequented the restaurant: Bo Schembechler, Duffy Dougherty, and George Perles among them.

Yeah, there are many reasons to visit Marshall, much more than I have already listed. Meantime, I’ve rounded up some old photos of Marshall, going back from the 1870s to the 1920s – take a look below.

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