In a HUGE move, Mackinac Island will not be open for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, citing health and safety concerns.

The island closing to visitors is going to hit so many business in the pocket books, as well as hotels and shops.  However, island officials are putting health and safety first. The island is asking any guests to Mackinac Island to stay home as the island sticks to its plan to open and welcome visitors starting May 29th.

In advance of Monday's Memorial Day Holiday, the island is asking residents to remain on  the island until Governor Whitmer's stay-at-home order ends. This also means that the ferries to the island will not be running Saturday or Sunday.

The Governor's announcement from earlier this week that in the UP and parts of the Traverse City area will slowly re-open to retail businesses, bars and restaurants, did not include Mackinac Island, and they have decided to stick to the opening date of May 29th, just to err on the side of caution.

MLive is reporting that island officials believe it will be from safer for island residents and visitors alike to hold off on the opening. This move will give them time to figure out health situations like public restrooms and social distancing distance guidelines.

Mackinac Island has been closed to non-residents since Governor Whitmer's stay-at-home order began back in Mid March. Officials on the island feel a slow and controlled re-opening is going to be the best way for them to proceed.  Things are being done this way to make sure that they won't have to take a step backwards after opening up and shut down again.

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