Caves are fun, caves are dangerous.

Mackinac Island has its share of caves. A nice handful of them are along trails for tourists and visitors, but there are others that are hidden from view.

The main caves are Cave of the Woods, Eagle Point Cave, and Skull Cave.
ALL of 'em are fun to visit and see

But I understand there may be a hidden cave that might be haunted. In a nutshell, there were a couple of people exploring the island woods when they came across the ruins of an old staircase, leading up to two caves. As they stood there, they experienced a wave of uneasiness and dread while taking pictures. Once developed, one of the pictures depicted a black, blurry, human-shaped figure in the center of the photo. The figure was plainly NOT a defect in the picture, as there are rocks, trees, and foliage in front of AND behind the figure, indicating the figure in between is something definite.

So what cave is this? The entire island is said to be one big haunted piece of land, so it's no shock that there could actually be a haunted cave.....hidden somewhere within the island woods.

Anyone  else who may have stumbled across this particular cave, let me know and relate your experience. In the meantime, check below for pictures of the island caves!

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