Here in Lansing we all know the joy that comes with going to a Lugnuts game. Now, they are making it so even more people can come enjoy a day at the ballpark.

Why A Sensory-Friendly Night Matters

"Individuals on the autism spectrum process sensory information in a different manner than their neurotypical peers," The Place for Children With Autism said. "Sometimes this means that people on the spectrum take in more of that information and can become overwhelmed, especially in public settings."

One way The Place for Children With Autism says growth of the movement with autism awareness and acceptance has helped be more inclusive is with events that offer a more "sensory friendly" atmosphere. (CLICK HERE for more information on what a "sensory friendly" space is likely to entail.)


According to Autism Speaks, sensory challenges that can make certain events and activities uncomfortable for individuals with autism include loud noises, flashing lights or just unfamiliar, crowded places in general.

What The Lugnuts Are Doing For A Sensory-Friendly Game

Of course, for someone with autism who experiences sensory differences, a typical sporting event could turn out to be "too much." That's where teams like our own Lansing Lugnuts come in to make sure everyone gets to enjoy a baseball game.

According to WILX, the team will be working with the Mid-Michigan Autism Association and are planning an event that will make sure all fans are comfortable.

"Normally it’s very high-energy, fast-paced, we’re going to change a lot of that for this night," Zac Clark, Lugnuts Assistant GM, told WILX. "We won’t do any video on the video boards, you won’t see any flashing lights, and the music and the sound on the public address will be turned down."

WILX also reports there will be "fidget toys" provided as well as a quiet room in the owner's suite. There will also be headphones for those who struggle with any loud noises.

When's The Game

The game is tonight, May 25th from 7:09 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.

If you are looking for some pre-summer fun, if it does not disturb yours or your loved ones potential routine too much, it is going to be a fun night for all.

The 'Nuts will be taking on the Great Lakes Loons and you can CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS.

Hopefully teams like the Lugnuts continue to have inclusive nights like this, a wish reflected by Clark who also told WILX it is "rewarding watching everyone be able to come together."

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