There's a well-known bible verse that says, "And a child shall lead them". I like to think that can also mean leading by example, but who knew it would be on a baseball field?

Sometimes the simplest moments make people stop and think. That's exactly what happened Tuesday in Waco, Texas during a Little League regional tournament game between  Pearland, Texas, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. What could have been a tragedy turned into a life lesson for everyone in attendance and now the world thanks to the viral video.

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Oklahoma player Isaiah Jarvis was at bat when a pitch from Kaiden Shelton of Texas went wrong striking Jarvis in the head. Immediately Jarvis fell grabbing his head and his coaches rushed to his side. Thankfully he was able to shake it off and took his spot on first base to the ovation of the crowd, but what happened next left spectators in tears.

As Jarvis took his base he saw noticeably shaken Shelton on the mound. The young player was visibly upset by his pitch striking Shelton. Without hesitation, Shelton yelled out to him words of comfort, and then without hesitation did something that we all can learn from...he went to comfort his opponent.

The video shows the Oaklahoma player walking towards the pitcher's mound and wrapping his arms around the Texas pitcher telling him, "Hey, you're doing great. Let's go." Yeah...cue the tears. Shortly after Texas coaches and other teammates joined in comforting the young pitcher just adding to the surreal moment.

Watching the video it's clear to see fans were moved by the moment that they had just witnessed. I mean, let's face it, it seems lately we see parents of young athletes acting like children fighting and yelling at players, coaches, and umpires. The universe was handing out a big life lesson at this game. It took a child to show the world how just a simple gesture of caring and compassion is so much better than lashing out and fighting.

By the way, Pearland went on to beat Tulsa 9-4 and is advancing to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, next week. Still, the real story here is a big lesson about taking a minute, hitting pause, and realizing mistakes happen, and forgiveness is always the way.

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