Well it looks like most of lower Michigan will not be seeing a white Christmas when the big days arrives this Saturday, Dec. 25.

I do remember past Christmases where it looked like we were not going to have a white Christmas and then all of a sudden, it started snowing late Christmas Eve and we all woke up to a beautiful white Christmas.

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Love Michael Buble's version of White Christmas.

The weather for Christmas day here in the Lansing area calls for partly sunny skies and temps around 40 degrees.

According to mlive.com:

When a storm center tracks north and west of Michigan, we don't get much winter weather. The colder air will eventually move in on Christmas Day. It looks like a rather gradual cool-down. It also looks like as the colder air movies in, the drier air also moves in. So there won't be anything more than a few flurries on Christmas Day in the colder air.

Maybe we should change the lyrics to the song "White Christmas."

How about, "I'm Dreaming of a green and warm Christmas?"

It seems like most Michigan snowfalls happen more often in the months of January and February.

Weather meteorologists are suggesting that if you are looking for a white Christmas, you would most likely have to travel straight to the Upper Peninsula to get your holiday wish.

The hard part to except is the fact that when you listen to great holiday music, everyone is hoping for a white Christmas. And when we don't get one, it just takes away a big part of Christmas that so many people look forward too.

Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas songs, sleigh rides, they all scream for a white Christmas, but this year, unfortunately it's not going to happen.

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