There is a crucial piece of advice that is seldom talked about when it comes to being stranded during a snowstorm. We often have "winter checklists" we go through before the season starts, and this advice may not affect everyone, but if you're ever faced with being stranded on the road in a snow storm with a low battery on your phone, do not panic. This tip could be life-saving:

Once the car is stopped the first thing you want to do is make a plan, whether it's safe to walk to the nearest town for shelter or hunkering down in your car. Next, change your voicemail to leave a detailed message about where you are, what happened, where you can be found and that you need help right away. Next, text everyone you know in a group chat: "EMERGENCY: Please call my phone and listen to voicemail." This is especially important for Michigan residents, as we are one of the worst states to live in in terms of auto issues in the winter

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Auto Troubles in Michigan Winter

The Weather Channel named Michigan the 6th worst state for auto accidents in the winter time not too long ago, saying:

If your driving through the Wolverine State this winter, your chances of having a crash are 0.5946 per 100,000. Michigan also had the highest number of fatalities in 2016. Seventy-two people lost their lives in snow-related crashes.


The Most Affective Way To Stay Safe

Many people say the easiest way to stay safe when stranded is to have an emergency kit prepared, and to stay inside your car to avoid the dangers of Michigan winters, including hypothermia, traffic to pedestrian collision, & frostbite as well. Also, a disposable phone charger isn't a bad idea either.

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