February 2017 brought more unexpected passings for a handful of people whose works we enjoyed over the decades...they include:

SONNY GERACI, lead vocalist for The Outsiders & Climax, Feb. 5 (70)

PROFESSOR IRWIN COREY, comedian, Feb. 6 (102)

RICHARD HATCH, actor, Feb. 7 (71)

AL JARREAU, vocalist, Feb. 12 (76)

GEORGE ‘ANIMAL” STEELE, actor (Ed Wood) & former wrestler, Feb. 16 (79)

BILL PAXTON, actor, Feb. 25 (61)

JUDGE JOSEPH WAPNER, “People’s Court,” Feb. 26 (97)

A big, BIG thank you to all the above for entertaining us, making us laugh, creating wonderful music and transporting us to an enjoyable fantasy world.

See the photo gallery above for some of the work these fine people gave us...