I've been collecting new calendars every year dating back to 1998. That's roughly twenty four years of receiving some of the coolest calendars you would ever want to see.

How did all of this start? My boss at the time met with me for a few minutes before my radio show started at 10 a.m. and brought it up out of the blue.

He said, Danny, for the fun of it, since we don't have any new calendars in the building, why don't you ask listeners to bring in or send in new 1998 calendars?

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And that my friends is how it all came about in 1998. I asked our loyal radio listeners to either mail in new calendars or to simply drop them off here at the radio station on Pine Tree Rd. in Lansing.

It was the coolest thing ever. In no time at all, I counted over a hundred thirty calendars that were delivered by mail or dropped off with a nice note telling me where they came from and I thanked everyone on the air for doing just that.

I've received some of the most beautiful calendars from all over the mid-Michigan area featuring everything from flowers, animals, charitable organizations, vehicles, handyman calendars, and hundreds more.

And yes, I've collected well over 2,000 calendars since 1998. I'm currently asking listeners to send in new 2022 calendars to add to my very long collection.

Listeners always ask me what in the world do you do with all those calendars? And I tell them the same thing I've said for years.

I hand some of them out to other employees who need new calendars, I'll take a few home, and then I box up the rest and save them until the following year when it's time to start collecting all over again.

Over the years, so many wonderful radio listeners have taken a few minutes out of their lives just to send me calendars for the new year. All I can say is thank you very much!

If you're a calendar collector like me, take a look at sfgate.com.

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