Ask any avid bowler who loves the game of bowling and they will tell you it's possible to bowl a really bad game.

Okay, do I have to admit that I bowled one of the worst games ever this past weekend at the City Tournament at Royal Scot Golf and Bowl?

Let me start out by saying my wife and I were partners in the doubles portion of the bowling tournament.

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We were both all set to bowl at Royal Scot at 10 a.m. in doubles and then the singles tournament would follow.

Are you ready for my worst score ever in a tournament? It was a whopping 98! Yes I admit that my score up on the big screen was an actual 98. (Lol)

I know 5 year old's that can hit that score just by using bowling bumpers.

All I can say is that I was so embarrassed with a score of 98. I didn't throw one strike in that game and I pretty much missed every pin until the 7th frame.

I got a spare in the 7th frame and I got a standing ovation at the bowling alley. That's the only mark I received in that entire game. I think I could have thrown two bowling balls at the same time and missed everything in sight.

My highest game ever was a 279 followed by a 278. My worst score ever used to be 121, now it's 98!

I had to bowl a total of 6 games on Saturday and things improved immensely after that 1st game.

With bowling comes great games, good games, bad games, and then really bad games. That's why people drink beer during bowling matches, to try and forget about the really bad games.

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