Mid Michigan is home to so many wonderful places to eat.   I am talking local small businesses that have a very loyal following.

Here is my list of local restaurants that most definitely should be on the Food Networks  Dinners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Bells Greek Pizza - my go to pizza place in college.  Their pizza's are still as amazing as they were a 'few' years back.  Bells is a place where former students who return to town still go to for great food.

Crunchies - One of the best burger joints around.  Home of the famous 1/2 pound Crunchy burger, their loaded tots are super good to.  They also have a breakfast burger that comes on a brioche bun with bacon, maple syrup and an egg.

The Fleetwood Dinner -  located on Cedar Street in Lansing.  If you stop there to eat, get the Hippy Hash.  I have no words, just Hippy Hash.

Kewpees - This downtown Lansing restaurant has a magnificent Olive Burger.   In fact when I was pregnant with my second daughter, Kewpees was my go to craving spot.  I stopped by there at least twice a week for their olive king burger....Heaven, plain and simply Heaven.

El Azteco - A mexican food favorite for years.  They have, hands down, the best Nacho's around.  Try their Toppo Salad, or their cheese dip.  The restaurant is famous for both.

Sparty's Coney Island - They have been voted best breakfast spot in Mid Michigan many times.   Not just breakfast is good at Sparty's , their Flint style coney islands are probably going to be served in Heaven, I also recommend fries smothered with coney sauce.   You might want to wear stretchy pants there so you can eat in comfort.

Finally on my list of places that should be featured on the Food Networks Triple D is , Blondies Barn. Just looking at their menu will have your mouth watering.  This is a great place for any meal,but they first got on my radar with everyone telling me I need to go for breakfast.  Almost every omelette combo under the sun is available  , the Clint Eastwood Western Omelette looks very good.   In the mood for something off the griddle, Blondies has buttermilk pancakes, red velvet pancakes and even cinnamon bun pancakes.   This place is definitely a go- to spot for a meal, especially breakfast.

These are my recommendations for places that should be on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, if I missed any just let me know.

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