This haunting in Howell has some hard-to-believe episodes.

The original Livingston County Courthouse was built in 1847 and was operative until 1874. A new courthouse was constructed but it ended up being too small. Construction on a third courthouse began in 1889 and was finished in 1890. It was renovated in the 1970’s and stands in the exact same spot to this day, at 200 E. Grand River Avenue.

Analyzing some of the paranormal activities people are claiming to experience, there must have been some seedy things happening.

It’s been said that in the courthouse yard, people have been hung on tree branches. Okay, but when? In the far, far past or just in the past 50 years?

“Ghostly moans and screams” have been heard late at night coming from inside the courthouse.

Apparitions have been seen wandering the courtyard and standing behind the windows. Among these spirits, several witnesses say there are several that look alike: pale-skinned women, all with blond hair and blue eyes, wearing all white clothing.

Who are these women? Their description fits the Hollywood version of how vampire women should look, but that’s ridiculous. Witch hunts in Michigan were over-and-done with 300-400 years earlier so these female entities couldn’t have anything to do with that. So the possible identification of these women remains a mystery.

There are gargoyles inside the courthouse, but did the architect intend those for some particular reason other than atmosphere or decor?

There’s a video (seen below) of the Melon Festival in 2013. The person who posted it says “the angle of the sun creates this interesting effect”. Looking up, you see the top window, separated into four sections. When the sun hits it just right, it looks like a shining cross. Was this intentional or just coincidence?

Who knows. Could be BS, could be on purpose. Either way, the tales continue and probably will for many years to come.

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