SITE OF THE OLD SANITARIUM, Courtesy of Google Maps
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I understand that the residents of Howell have plenty of paranormal tales that occur in that town.

1) First and foremost are the grounds of the old Michigan State Sanitarium. After it was demolished, tunnels, rooms and sub-buildings were buried and still exist has been built over part of the old grounds that are said to have weird things happen in & around them. The resident of one home swears that a demon existed within the home and was done battle with...what kind of battle, I don't know. The spirits of children are said to be seen roaming the grounds at night.
The Michigan State Sanitarium was built in 1906, opening in 1907 and serving the entire state in the caring of tuberculosis patients. After somewhat squelching the TB death rate, the sanitarium began accepting mentally disabled patients and eventually became known as Hillcrest Regional Center for the Developmentally Disabled in 1978. They shut down for good in 1982 and later, a subdivision with new homes was put in.....even though the rumors of deceased former patients haunting the property were legendary by this time.

2) Many homeowners & dwellers have reported their houses frequently have paranormal activity. Built over an old graveyard with some of the graves left by accident, one home boasts the ghosts of an armored knight, a bank robber and twin girls; faucets go on and off and kitchenware gets banged around. Evidently, tours have been given in that home.

3) Another home has a basement that the resident hasn't gone down to in more than ten years; dogs attack dead air, doors slam and lights go on and off.

4) The elementary school contains the spirit of a child who died on the school grounds in the 1930's; current school children who aren't familiar with that tale still report sightings of this child.

5) The Howell courthouse is the site of the ghosts of blue-eyed women with yellow hair wearing white. Shadowy figures are seen in the windows & courtyard, moans & groans can be heard.

MAINSTREET WINERY, Courtesy of Google Maps

6) Howell's MainStreet Winery claims to be haunted by a child named Thomas, a seven-year-old whose parents owned a store on that very property in the 1800's; employees have encountered Thomas on several occasions. Doors creaking, furniture gets moved by unseen hands, wine bottles explode and more. Various mediums have come in and conclude that there is definitely a ghostly presence there...not just by Thomas, but several other human spirits and the ghost of a cat!

Courtesy of Google Maps

So as you can see, there seem to be plenty of local hauntings in this Michigan town. Would you like to read more personal experiences of Howell hauntings? The Ghosts of America website has a nice handful of tales from Howell residents and all you have to do to read them is CLICK HERE.

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