13th IAAF World Athletics Championships Daegu 2011 - Day Eight
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There are many people like me, who are not a super huge fan of bugs, or creepy things especially in my house.  A woman from Virginia had an experience that would creep many out to their core.

The story is that a Virginia Veterinarian had a beautiful live Christmas tree in her home for Christmas.   What she did not know was that there was an egg sack hidden under a branch of her tree.

Once the tree was in the home and it was in a warm environment for a few days, it happened.  More than 100 praying mantises hatched and basically invaded her home.

The Doctor said that the bugs are now all over her home, crawling on the walls, hanging from the ceilings and crawling on windows.

This is where I think it gets weird, the Veterinarian , instead of squashing the praying mantis, she has been using an envelope and show box to store them, even feeding them fruit flies and she has said she is "hoping to re-gift them".  Yes, she has discovered that people really like the praying mantises because they dine on other bug, and they are used in organic gardening.

So after all this will they have a real tree next year, nope they are already planning on having an artificial tree.    Can't blame them for that.  Ewwwww….

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