According to USA Today, with the coronavirus pandemic shaping our entire world in 2020, it's no surprise that we'll see its influence extend into 2021 lifestyle and wellness trends.

With the start of each and every new year, we can all look forward to several new trends. In 2021, you can expect to see a rise in health tracking wearables, feel good phone apps and an increased focus on work life balance and eco friendly products.

Let's take a look at some of the new trends you can expect to see in 2021:

1. Trampolines for Adults. I'm trying to picture this in my head, considering the fact that my daughter loves to jump around on her trampoline. Though the trampoline trend may feel like a throwback to your childhood, the up and coming trampoline workouts use smaller, in home devices.

2. Mediation and therapy via your phone. I bought a Fitbit for my son during the holiday season so that he can keep track of movement and more. The focus will be on self health monitoring with the help of wearables such as the Apple Watch and Fitbit.

3. Room dividers. 2021 is going to be about bringing back that balance and function. There has been quite the increase in searches for wall or foldable desks as well as searches for room dividers. People want to bring balance and stability to their work spaces.

4. Slow travel. The concept here is to focus on providing an escape and getting to know a place in an authentic way. So instead of going to an amusement park, picking a destination that is more enriching for your mind and mental health might be the way to go in 2021. (USA Today)

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