David Letterman is set to sign off from his CBS Late Show on May 20 after a 22-year run and a 33-year talk show career.  But first, he's going to get a proper prime time sendoff.

CBS will air David Letterman; A Life on Television at 9:30 p.m. on May 4.  The 90 minute special, hosted by Ray Romano, will include clips, highlights of favorite segments and interviews with world leaders.

Talk about a Fond Farewell for a major TV Star.  I've been watching David Letterman for many years and have truly enjoyed his talk shows on NBC and CBS.  He's one of the few talk show hosts who could make me laugh every single time I tuned in to watch him.

So many viewers will miss David Letterman after he leaves the airways.  Favorite things from his show include stupid pet tricks, nightly top ten list, and great interviews.

David Letterman is one of a kind and we all wish him the best!