According to the Lansing State Journal,  days after its big rally at the Capitol in downtown Lansing, the "Let Them Play" movement is now taking its case to the legal system.

Let Them Play Michigan, Inc. a youth hockey league and parents of athletes filed a complaint against the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service director Elizabeth Hertel in the Michigan Court of Claims.  (LSJ)

The focus of the action is to give athletes the opportunity to play as soon as possible.

At a recent press conference, attorney Peter Ruddell said the opportunity for student athletes to compete is narrow and we felt it was time to make sure that everyone had the same sense of urgency that our student athletes, parents, coaches and school administrators have.

The current MDHHS orders regarding the winter contact sports are slated to expire Feb. 21.

The recent  complaint comes after sending a letter to Hertel and MDHHS on Jan. 25 pleading for a decision to be changed on contact winter sports.

The reasons mentioned in the letter included data from the pilot testing program conducted by the MDHHS for the Michigan High School Athletic Association fall sports championships.  (LSJ)

I cannot speak on behalf of the Let Them Play movement, but I will say if I had a son or daughter who played winter contact sports and wasn't allowed to play, I would most likely be pushing for a reverse ban on contact winter sports as well.

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