If you notice something new on Mackinac Island this summer, your eyes aren't deceiving you. It's a lemonade stand at Mission Point.

So we have a summer that has so many people looking to be outside and in the fresh air. We all want to be away from the coronavirus pandemic.

Mission Point on Mackinac Island is getting creative in its efforts to give its guests what they want. The resort is rolling out what will be the islands largest lemonade stand and it will be on the resorts Promenade Deck.

This new spot is open to resort guests and visitors alike and it's located on the Sunrise side of the Island, and yes the views are amazing overlooking the Straits of Mackinac.

The opening of the 'Lemonade Stand' was a smart move for the resort which like many places on the island are looking for ways to make for lost revenue when the Island did not open as early as usual due to COVID-19. Many are looking for ways to entertain guests while still keeping in mind social distancing.

Mission Point had been very busy over the winter, they spent about 2 million dollars on a new event space and were ready to host a summer of weddings and concerts, but that did not pan out. So they turned "Lemons into a Lemonade Stand." They also created the Mission Point Picnic Society.

Just a couple more ideas to take the family to visit Mackinac Island this summer.

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