What do you see in your mind's eye when you hear the words “Michigan's largest waterfall in the lower peninsula”? Do you imagine: A towering cascade? A couple of hundred feet of falling, pounding water?

Well....this is not like that at all. In fact, the Upper Peninsula has numerous falls that are much more spectacular than this one. But this one is unique. It's the Ocqueoc Falls in Presque Isle County, and the only one in the entire nation that is universally accessible.

That's right...people in wheelchairs have access thanks to a ramped deck, and you can even go swimming at the bottom of the falls. Salmon can be seen swimming upstream during spawning season. There are even remains of an old mill that once stood above the falls.

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Looking at aerial views, some may get the impression it's just rapids...well, yeah, there are awesome rapids here, too...but the falls include three spillovers and a pool at the bottom where visitors can jump in for a swim as the water falls over them. Where else in Michigan can you do this? Especially in lower Michigan?

There's plenty of parking space, picnic tables, camping space, and the Bicentennial Pathway to get visitors safely and quickly to the falls. In the past, anyone who wanted to visit had to climb down rocky inclines and bumpy land just to get there...but now it's super-easy.

This is one of those little Michigan hidden secrets that many Michiganders aren't aware of...but now you know. It may not be the largest falls in Michigan by a long shot, but it's the largest down here in the Mitten. Check it out in the photo gallery below...

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