There is sure no shortage of jobs in Michigan these days. Everywhere you look there are companies hiring and most even offering incentives and many, many benefits.

As we all get ready for the busy school year to start, kids are ready to get back to the classrooms. Many school districts across the state of Michigan are facing problems keeping bus driver positions full. Some districts are calling it critical.

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I wrote a story last week on how some districts are giving parents gas gift cards to drive their kids to school, check it out here for more info.

The Michigan Association for Pupil Transportation says it’s been tough to fill all the positions that are open.

How Many Drivers Are We Short of? says many school districts are claiming they only have half the drivers they need, and they are just so worried about what to do next.

We’ve got a $650 sign-on bonus that’s payable quickly as somebody is hired, and we’ve also got additional incentives for folks working in the Lansing School District specifically up to $100 a week for joining our Dean team and supporting Lansing schools,” said Patrick Dean, Vice President of Dean Transportations Inc.


Check Out This Job Fair

Check this out if you're looking for a new gig, Dean transportation will be hosting a job fair this Wednesday at their Lansing location, and they will be hiring people that same day.  For more info go to can also apply online.

Pass the word and let's make sure we get all our kids back to school safely.

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