About a month ago I shared the businesses in Lansing that no longer exist. The list was comprised of YOUR suggestions and nominees. It was fun reading the comments about some places that local residents are passionate about. I had the chance to visit a lot of restaurants and businesses before they closed, the others that I had heard great stories about.

There were so many of your suggestions (thank you!) that I have added more to the original list. Let's walk down memory lane together.

A Look Back at Popular Lansing Businesses That Are No Longer Around

Many Lansing businesses have closed their doors over the years. Check out the businesses that Lansing residents miss most.

Here's a little background about me. I moved to Lansing in 1996 from southwest Michigan. We had some excellent restaurants in the area where I grew up. Moving to Lansing was a big change because of the size of the city versus where I grew up. The bigger the city, the more options there are for food, entertainment and activities.

The first place I lived was in downtown Lansing on Walnut Street. I thought it was cool that I lived two blocks from the State Capitol. Downtown was busy during the day, but I was shocked at how quickly it died down at 5 PM. That still seems to be the case. Rather than walk downtown with few businesses open after 5 PM, I explored and found many cool places I had never been to.

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Lansing residents are loyal to their city, community, businesses and restaurants. There were so many great suggestions that I have added more businesses in Lansing that residents miss. Check out the whole list above. It's been fun getting your feedback and sharing it with others.

Here is the original list of long-lost restaurants and businesses that locals miss.

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Lansing has lost a lot of businesses over the years. These are 30 businesses that were loved and are missed by Lansing area people.

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