I've talked a lot about my sense of style before and I will say, there really is no way to describe it but I always know where to find it...stores where people have already owned it!

Most of my closet and many of my favorite pieces were found at secondhand and consignment stores and it has been that way for years.

I always loved digging through the racks, wondering what the person who owned the item I was eyeing before me wore it for, how they felt in it, or if it was one of their favorites.

Also, the financial part of it all is an added bonus. Finding items in some of your favorite brands that you usually don't want to spend the money on or finding something that is a more "luxurious" brand for what seems like pennies compared to what it cost to buy brand new.

It was awesome in Grand Rapids being able to combine my love for radio and for my own personal, thrift-ed style when I became the assistant store manager at a consignment-type store called Style Encore.

I left that job when I got this one but still have been itching to go thrift shopping and still do go rummage the secondhand stores to fill my closet with some new favorites.

Here are some great secondhand clothing stores to check out in the Lansing area!

Secondhand Clothing In Lansing

There are many benefits to thrift-shopping, aside from just spending less money. It is better for the environment as those items don't have to just take up space in a landfill somewhere!

So get out and get thrifting, some places just might surprise you.

Maybe this song will help get you in the spirit:

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