The Landmark Inn in Marquette was constructed in 1930 as the "Hotel Northland" and was so beautiful and unique, that it became a much-sought out place to stay by many important people - the Rich & Famous - over the decades:

Amelia Earhart occupied Room 502 back in 1932.

Abbott & Costello stayed there in 1942.

Jimmy Stewart, George C. Scott, and other cast members of the made-in-Michigan film "Anatomy Of A Murder" stayed at the Inn.

Bill Cosby, Maya Angelou and many others enjoyed visits at the Landmark.

Including a few who have passed on...but haven't left.

According to, when the Landmark was being built, a man murdered his girlfriend in a jealous rage after she told him about her past boyfriends & suitors. Since the inn was still under construction, he dragged her body to the unfinished basement and buried her there. When workmen returned to finish construction, they wound up reporting the sounds they heard coming from the basement area: weeping and a whispering female voice that sounded like she was trying to get the workmen to find her body.

The most famous landmark Inn haunting documented goes back to the 1930's, where a ship worker who was staying there fell in love with the local librarian. They would usually carry on their love affair on the Landmark's 6th floor...and this is where the haunting takes place. They planned to marry when he was officially resigned from the ship; but on his last trip out, the ship was wrecked in a bad storm and he perished under the waters of Lake Superior. Devastated, the young lady went up to the 6th floor to mourn and eventually died, believed to be from a broken heart.

To this day, her apparition is seen on the 6th floor, pacing and/or weeping. She also is seen in the Lilac Room, where other weird things have happened: the front desk gets calls from that room when it's not occupied and the usual creaks, shadows and occasional voices.

These and other reported paranormal incidents have been going on now for well over 100 years and the Landmark Inn is a place you should seek out, if you're serious about visiting a true paranormal site.

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LANDMARK INN (Hotel Northland)


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